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During August and September, many of our patients return to school after a long, exciting summer. The first day of school is a time when you should feel confident about the way you look. Making friends, participating in school activities and enjoying your classes are important to your future. If you are lacking in self-confidence because you are uncomfortable with the way your teeth look, we can help. Our cosmetic dentist in La Plata, MD, Dr. Cipelak, offers teeth whitening to give you confidence on your first day back to school.

Transform Your Image

Your body language and smile are used to communicate when you aren’t even talking, and your smile is one of the first things everyone will notice about you. You want your smile to tell people what you are feeling inside, and you want that to be confident. With whiter teeth, you can take full advantage of the benefits of a brighter, whiter smile.

A Healthy Image

You may be healthy overall, but if your smile is damaged or you lack confidence, other people may think you are unhealthy. Teeth whitening helps you by making sure that you feel good about yourself, and that shines through to the outside world through your smile. When you’re making a first impression, your smile is quickly noticed. Make sure it is being noticed for all the right reasons.

A Confidence Boost

If you need a quick boost of confidence right before you start a new school year, teeth whitening is a simple, fast way to get it. With a whitened smile, you are prepared to take on anything. Your peers will react positively toward you when you smile at them and meet their eyes with confidence.

A Fast Solution

Improving your confidence and self-image takes time, but teeth whitening is an easy way to start the journey. Call Dr. Cieplak’s office today to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening at 301-609-9999.

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