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Unfortunately, emergencies can happen at any time. This not only goes for the usual aspects of life, but medical, too. Like hospitals and the emergency center, dentists are now turning to emergency services to best attend to their patients. You never know when your oral cavity can get damaged, and leaving an issue unattended is never the answer. This is why Dr. Cieplak and his team have emergency dental services available to their patients.

If you have never experienced an emergency dental issue, this may not be a big deal to you. Where this majorly comes into play is for athletes. For instance, if you are a hockey player that is in a game, and you endure a hit to the mouth that leaves you with a knocked out tooth, you would need to visit a dental specialist as soon as possible. While most athletic games go on after normal dental hours, this is where emergency dental hours are important. The reason it is so necessary to have a knocked out tooth checked is because you may have suffered trauma to the soft tissue or even jaw bone. Your dentist will be able to fully assess your specific situation and give you the proper care.

It is important to always keep an emergency dental contact on hand. If you are not sure if your general dentist has emergency hours, contact the office. Your dentist office staff will be able to provide you with any and all information surrounding hours of operation, and if emergency hours exist.

Contact Dr. Cieplak and his team of specialists if you ever need dental assistance. They will be able to provide you with the proper care for your specific needs, even during emergency hours. Never let a dental issue go unattended, always seek dental attention if you have experienced any trauma to the mouth.

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