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The pulp of a tooth can become infected, which in turn can damage the nerve eventually lead to tooth loss. Dr. Patrick Cieplak may recommend a root canal when he notices signs of an infection or if you experience symptoms.

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How a Root Canal Is Performed

The root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp layer of tissue inside the tooth structure and cleaning the canals. We use special tools to make a small opening in the tooth and then gently remove all traces of infected tissue. Once the canals are cleaned and clear of infection, we fill them with a permanent material and then seal the filling. In some cases, we place a crown to rebuild and strengthen the tooth.


Consequences of Avoiding a Root Canal

Patients who generally avoid seeing the dentist may delay or neglect root canal treatment entirely. We discourage you from doing this because an infection in the mouth is not only painful but if left untreated, could be life-threatening. In almost all cases, an infection at the pulp layer will not heal on its own and you will need to undergo treatment immediately. If the infection spreads to the root and then the jaw bone, you may be in pain and at risk for losing the entire tooth.

Comfortable and Painless Treatment

Patient comfort is a high priority at our practice, which is why Dr. Cieplak performs root canal treatment under local anesthesia and can provide sedation, if requested. If you need root canal treatment, you may already be experiencing severe pain so we take extra steps to make this a comfortable and stress-free experience. Many patients are surprised to find out how painless a root canal actually is after seeing Dr. Cieplak for treatment.

Dr. Cieplak is one of only 3,000 dentists worldwide to achieve Mastership with the Academy of General Dentistry.

Root Canal
Root Canal
Root Canal
Root Canal

Need to Discuss Your Oral Health Options with Dr. Cieplak?

Do not delay root canal treatment if we recommend the procedure or if you experience symptoms of an infection. Schedule your root canal visit with Dr. Patrick Cieplak today. Contact our staff and we'll be sure to follow up with you within 24 hours.

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