Replace missing teeth with a custom denture solution.

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Custom Dentures for Missing Teeth

Each year, approximately 15 percent of people who have lost all their teeth end up getting custom dentures. Denture solutions offer numerous benefits to the patient and have evolved over the past decade to look and feel more natural. These custom-made prosthetic devices are designed to look just like your regular teeth and make it easier to eat, speak, and smile with confidence.

How Dentures Work

Dentures are fabricated in a lab to mimic the appearance of your former teeth. They are a removable replacement for missing teeth and are usually made out of acrylic resin and other durable materials. Complete dentures are designed to replace all of your teeth, while partial dentures fill in spaces created by missing teeth. Partials are ideal for patients that want to preserve their smile and prevent teeth from drifting or shifting.

Preparing for Dentures

If Dr. Patrick Cieplak determines you are a good candidate for dentures, we will need to take impressions of your mouth and send information to a lab to make your custom teeth. It can take a few appointments to ensure the proper fit and undergo final denture placement and adjustments. You will need a few weeks to get used to having dentures in your mouth, and will get into a routine of taking your dentures out before bedtime and replacing them every morning. Dr. Cieplak is always here to answer any questions you have about your dentures.

Dr. Cieplak is one of only 3,000 dentists worldwide to achieve Mastership with the Academy of General Dentistry.


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