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Periodontal disease is a highly damaging condition that can eat away at the structures supporting your teeth. If you have gum disease and start experiencing tooth pain, it could be an indication that the roots of your tooth are infected. Depending on your situation, a root canal or tooth extraction may be recommended to remove the infected tissue and prevent further decay.

Severe Tooth Pain

One of the most notable indications that you need a tooth extracted is severe, persistent tooth pain. The pain may be accompanied by swelling or pus around the tooth. If you experience these symptoms, your tooth may be severely infected and require extraction. Dr. Patrick Cieplak can perform the extraction and replace the missing tooth with a sturdy dental implant.


Wisdom teeth are frequently removed because they become impacted. This means they can’t push through the jaw. Impacted teeth can affect the nerves of adjacent teeth, especially if they are turned at an unnatural angle. Your dentist may recommend extraction if your impacted teeth threaten your oral health in any way.


If there isn’t enough room in your mouth for all your teeth, extraction may be recommended. It is especially common to extract one or more teeth prior to orthodontic work when the mouth is too small to accommodate the existing teeth.

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