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all about general dentistry


A general dentist is a medical professional that has earned a license that allows them to practice different types of dentistry. A general dentist is a great person to seek help from, as they know a lot about dentistry. The general dentist will perform a complete dental examination in order to establish the true state of health of the patient, and if needed can refer you to a specialist.


Dental Examination

A dental examination is completed by identifying all the active factors that are causing dental problems for the patient. A general dentist should also be able to provide all the necessary treatment to ensure that the patient’s oral health can be restored to good condition. To put it simply, a general dentist will be able to determine the causes of deterioration of the oral health of a patient.


Typically, the general dentist will be able to provide care to ensure that the patient’s gums and teeth and overall oral hygiene to remain in good condition. In addition, it is necessary that the dentist will instruct the patient regarding proper dental care. During an examination, your general dentist will complete a cleaning of the teeth and perform different dental procedures of which fillings and root canals are common practices.


A general dentist should be your go to dental care. From children to adults, a general dentist can ensure you have optimal oral health and will help you maintain your oral hygiene. Dr. Cieplak and his team are a group to make you feel trust, comfortable, and will be there for all of your dental needs. They ensure their procedures are affordable for their patients. Dr. Cieplak has been practicing for more than 30 years, proving to be the experienced dentist you and your family will love.


Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Cieplak and team. Whatever your dental needs may be, they will be able to aid you in the proper direction.

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