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Stop Your Root Canal Worry


It is common for most people to begin to worry at the first moment they hear they may need a root canal. This procedure frightens many because of the bad wrap it obtained in years past. When dental anesthesia was not in use as it is today and when the procedure was not as seamless as it is with new technology, it made sense that patient’s may be nervous. With advanced technology rapidly advancing dental techniques, fearing root canals is a thing of the past.

Root canals are extremely important for our oral health. When you undergo a root canal procedure, the dentist is saving your tooth. The root canal procedure saves the dying tooth by removing the dead and dying pulp, by using a tool to scrape the tooth clean. When this happens, the tooth is no longer infected, and is capped to ensure the health of the tooth remains. It is important to go through this treatment plan if you are experiencing a dying tooth, because without taking care of the situation, the disease can spread through the oral cavity and potentially through the body causing other health issues. Decay is the main reason for pulp dying. Once the decay has reached the tooth pulp, it will keep decaying until the tooth is removed or a root canal is performed. Once it dies, the toxins from the decay will be released into the root tip and make its way into the jawbone. If not taken care of properly, the jawbone can become infected. When the jawbone becomes infected, you could risk losing pieces of your jaw, requiring bone grafting.

Root canals are extremely imperative for the health of the tooth and the oral cavity because you completely wipe any toxins and disease from the natural tooth, and save it. If your doctor recommends a root canal, it is a good idea to undergo the procedure.

If you have any questions about the process or treatment plan, ask your dentist for more information. They will be able to explain the new technology they use to clean the dead pulp, and any anesthesia that will be used during the procedure.

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