Can Dental Implants Get Cavities?

Dental implants take the place of permanent teeth. But how permanent are dental implants themselves and are they susceptible to all the same problems as natural teeth, including cavities? The short answer is “no,” but it’s not a definitive “no.” The Long Answer Dental implants are not susceptible to cavities – at all. That’s because the implant […]

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Gum Disease Silently Attacks

Some oral problems exhibit symptoms that are obvious and hard to overlook, while others are sneakier and can develop silently over weeks, months or even years. Gum disease often falls in the latter group and can be difficult to catch in the earliest stage. Since proper management of the disease requires prompt and consistent treatments […]

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FAQ’s about Dentures

Patients who face the loss of a full arch of teeth do not have many options for replacement, and replacement is a necessity to preserve one’s quality of life. Tooth loss on that scale affects both one’s ability to eat and one’s ability to speak, but dentures provide a replacement option that preserves those abilities […]

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Confidently Smile This New Year

Has your smile lost its beauty over the years? You can bring it back with customized, natural-looking dentures. There’s no better time than the new year to give yourself the gift of a restored smile. Here’s what you should know about modern dentures and how they can benefit you. Technological Advances As the result of […]

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Tips for Improving Your Gum Health in Honor of National Floss Day

National Floss Day is the day after Thanksgiving, and there’s no better way to prepare for the occasion than by improving your gum health. It’s especially important to pay attention to the health of your gums if they’re swollen, bleeding or show any other signs of gum disease. Here are a few tips for improving […]

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How to Handle a Broken Veneer

Millions of Americans and dental professionals turn to veneers to create a bright, white smile and cover broken, chipped or discolored teeth. While porcelain veneers have given confidence back to many patients at Cieplak Dental Excellence, they are susceptible to emergency just like your natural teeth. If you have a problem with a veneer, we […]

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Reasons Why You Should Not Delay Root Canal Treatment

When your dentist tells you a root canal treatment is necessary to save a tooth, you need to get the procedure done immediately. The infection will not heal on its own. You know a problem is present when you experience extreme pain in the tooth, the tooth has become discolored or tiny bumps form on […]

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How Hypertension Medication Can Affect Your Dental Implant Procedure

May is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month, and there’s no better time to raise awareness of the impact hypertension medication can have on certain types of anesthesia. If you’re planning to get dental implants and you’re taking hypertension medication, it’s important to tell your dentist before your procedure. Otherwise, you could increase your risk of […]

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What Can Porcelain Veneers Do for You

If you’re not satisfied with the way your smile looks, you may be wondering what procedures you should receive to improve it. With so many cosmetic procedures available, it can be difficult to figure out what approach is best for your wants and needs. If you would like to see rapid improvement without undergoing lengthy […]

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